If I Could Do It All Over Again – Part 1

The best advice comes from those who have been there, and so what better place to gain wedding wisdom than from brides who have carefully planned and lived out their dream wedding? Laura Tremaine is an Oklahoma girl living in Hollywood with her toddler daughter, infant son, and producer/director husband. In 2007 she designed her dream wedding weekend and married her sweetheart. This is her reflection on their Big Day.   Wedding   “Even though I no longer have my tivo set for Platinum Weddings or Bridezillas, I can still talk about weddings for hours. The things I loved about my own or others, the things I should have done differently, the things one should always think about, the surprises, the memories, the priorities. I will probably be one of those wives who forces my husband to have vow renewal ceremonies every once in a while, just so I can throw a fun party again. Not that a wedding is only about a fun party. Your vows should be the most sacred words you ever express to another, the commitment taken seriously. But I’ll tell you I wasn’t lying in bed night after night pondering my love for my fiance. No, my mind swirled with table arrangements and rehearsal dinner outfits and the bow versus no bow conflict. All the important things. So while my wedding was truly the day of my dreams, there are a few things I would tweak if I could do it all over again. Our wedding was large and was a destination affair, so there was plenty of room for mistakes. Here are ten of the things I did wrong, and how I would do it differently…”   You can read Laura’s list on her blog, Hollywood Housewife. Check back on Thursday for the ten things Laura would do exactly the same if she planned her wedding all over again. *photo by Rob Garland