Embellished Weddings is BACK!!

Ahhhhhh!!!!! I truly never thought I would re-launch Embellished Weddings. After getting sick in 2013 and having to shut everything down and remove the website and social media accounts, I thought it was over. It has been a long three years. Lots of up and downs. A long road of recovery. But here I am. 100% healed and back to normal. God is good! We wrote hundreds of blogposts from 2009-2013, and we have tried everything to find them and sync them over to the new blog, but it appears we lost them all when we shut everything down. So here we are, starting a new blog. It will contain a lot of wedding pictures, inspiration ideas and even a few posts about our family. I'll try to not turn this into a blog about my kids. 🙂 Thank you friends for being excited with me! It is such a joy to get to re-launch Embellished Weddings (and add designs to it). I can't wait for the future of Embellished Weddings and all it holds! Here we go again!