Our Interview with Catherine Lowe About All Things Wedding

Hey lovelies! We are pretty pumped about this opportunity that Karlee Webster, our NWA wedding planner, had recently! Who doesn’t love a good love story? I mean that’s my jam! That is part of what I do and I love hearing and seeing all of your love stories coming to life! I got all the feels seeing Catherine Lowe on ABC’s The Bachelor and watching her love story unfold with Sean Lowe. Sean and Catherine got engaged on The Bachelor, got married on Live TV in front of millions of people, and just celebrated the 1st birthday of their son, Samuel. What I love more is their commitment they have shown to God, to each other, and to their marriage! While on The Bachelor, Catherine would send Sean little love notes. This became their “thing”. You will occasionally see Sean post to social media another note Catherine has written him. We kind of love this. A lot. They are still working on their relationship and marriage! They are still doting over each other. fullsizerender_2 After The Bachelor ended, Catherine took this idea of note giving along with her background in design and ran with it. From there, LoweCo. was born! Recently, she launched a new wedding collection! And ladies, we got you a promotion! Order something from LoweCo. in the next week and Catherine will send you a free gift! Thanks Catherine! Check out her website at www.goloweco.com. Hop on down below to see an exclusive interview with Catherine Lowe about love, marriage, and her new wedding collection! How have you been and what have you been up to lately?  I've been saying that I feel like an octopus with my head cut off, hands in so many different buckets these days, but I think my head is growing back slowly 🙂 I've been focusing on LoweCo. and my family and how to balance those blessings. I live such an amazing life and I thank God every day! How did you adjust to having a child and running your own business? It took me until when Samuel was about 9 or 10 months old (so verrrry recently) to draw a line in the sand between work and family so I wasn't overwhelmed and so that I could be fully present in both of those things. I originally decided to start this business so that I could stay home with my family and I continue to remind myself that when I get a little too heavy on one side. My goal is to work the equivalent of 3 full days of the week and spend the rest of the time with my family. With that in mind, I become more efficient with my business so I can enjoy the time with my family. fullsizerender_1 When you and Sean got married, which areas did a wedding planner take care of? (I.e. Centerpieces, linens, colors, etc.)  Mindy Weiss was our wedding planner and she orchestrated everything for our big day. When you agree to televise your wedding on a high-level network, you get a lot of luxuries but also a lot of restrictions! After meetings and pinterest board sharing and seeing options with her vendors, Mindy had a great idea for my wedding vision. I wanted it to be "grown sexy" with a lot of flowers, great food and a fun reception. She was so wonderful to work with and all of her expertise was obvious through our wedding and the countless events she throws. What was the best part of using a wedding planner? When you're a bride, you have to yield some power to the expert. Our wedding planner knew loads more about events and weddings than we did so we really gave her the power to decide things or at least present us with the best options for our vision. I would never want to look at a million linens or placecards because I was more interested in preparing for our marriage and the big picture of that special day. Wedding planners are there for a reason, to help! Would you suggest other brides use a wedding planner if their budgets allow?  If I didn't have a wedding planner, I would have gotten married with two witnesses and nothing fancy at all because I would have been too overwhelmed to plan a thing! Planners are worth it, worth the results and worth the peace that will come between you and your groom! What would be your top 3 pieces of advice when planning a wedding?  NUMBER ONE: Always remember why you're having a wedding - to get married to your forever person. Once you have that in the front of your mind, most of the things you're freaking out over with diminish. That is the most important thing. Number two: have fun! Planning a wedding can be stressful at times, but have fun the whole time because it's not just about the day of. Make memories at cake tasting and learn your guy's favorite flower when you're picking flowers. Number three: Bring reference pictures with notes on why you like those things to your wedding planner. That's going to help get your message across more powerfully than words. Tell us about your new wedding line for LoweCo. How can brides implement these luxury cards into their wedding plans? Our Wedding Collection is designed to bring a different look to your wedding paper goods. Kissed with rose-gold foil, you can't help but feel tickled when you see our pieces. fullsizerender_3 A lot of what's out there in terms of Save The Dates are verrry similar to each other and I think the subtlety and elegance of our STDs makes it more memorable for the recipient. Our bridesmaid cards are small, but add a big impact to the way you are asking those girls. And our Thank You cards were created with the bride in mind when it comes time to get those hand cramps. (I remember from experience.) So, I made the space to write your thank you's short and sweet in a design that is inherently special. Our Save the Dates and Thank You cards come with the option of the perfect amount of postage for our unique size custom opaque white, euro-flap envelopes. fullsizerender_4 You are sure to make a big impression with the pieces from the LoweCo. Wedding Collection. Personal: What is the most important part of your marriage? Respect and love. Sean and I are best friends because we love and respect each other so much. We have the best time too! What does a day in your life look like?  Every day is very different but the constant is that there's always a lot of laughter, a lot of diapers and a lot of singing. Sean and I both work from home so we juggle a lot at the same time but the moments we all get to be together are treasured. We never forget we are blessed to be able to work in our happy place. What are you and Sean focusing on now? Sean and I are focusing on creating a sustainable lifestyle to give us the freedom to enjoy our family life. Vague, but there are so many moving parts and freedom is really the goal for us both! What is the best piece of marriage advice you could give? Love each other even when you may not like them. Would you agree with our motto that marriage is more important than the wedding? 100%. The wedding is one day and it should symbolize the unity that your marriage represents. Marriage lasts forever and that is the one relationship on earth you need to work hard to preserve. In addition to wedding planning, I would advise every couple to go through a marriage series of classes. You'll learn a lot about each other, yourself and your future! How do you and Sean maintain a healthy marriage? I am blessed to have a husband who works as hard, and sometimes harder than me, on our marriage. He is a true leader and someone who loves me and is intent on keeping the peace by trying to empathize with me and all the craziness that comes with being a female! When you remember that when problems or miscommunications happen that your partner would never want to hurt you, anger can turn to peace and reconciliation. How do you and Sean keep your marriage alive now that you have added sweet Samuel?  We are truly best friends who want to spend every waking moment together and adding Samuel was hard at first on our marriage, but we are even more in love when we all three get to be together, sharing amazing memories. Thanks again Catherine for taking the time to do the interview with us! I would love to help you with any of your wedding planning needs! Please contact us via email or social media and we can chat!! Karlee: karlee@embellished.wedding (Arkansas brides) Amanda: amanda@embellished.wedding (Oklahoma brides)